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Life is a Garden

Realize it or not, we are an ever-growing abundant garden. Through each new experience, we learn. We blossom. Our garden symbolizes our life.

As we grow, we relinquish in new relationships, adventures, and interests while others simultaneously begin to fade away. Similarly, new flowers blossom while others die out. The flowers in our garden represent elements of our lives.

Somedays we cry. We are the rain. We are the water and life to our flowers, to those that surround us. Oftentimes caught up in the showers of our pain, we fail to realize how our ever-growing garden was in dire need of our showers.

Other days we are bright as daylight. We are joyful, we are vibrant, and radiant. Then too, we are the food to our garden. Through the rainy and sunny days, we are able to maintain our gardens.

As time passes, we weed out our garden. We do the tedious and sometimes difficult work to pull out the weeds that are draining our beautiful flowers. Weeding out is like acknowledging our troubles, traumas, and insecurities. It is tough, it is painful, but if we do not acknowledge our pains- our weeds, they will catch up and slowly suck the life out of us draining us day by day.

Each type of flower, a rose, an orchid, a daisy, all require special care at different times. Each flower represents a different experience, person, and lesson. In life, sometimes different aspects or people in our lives require more of our attention and efforts. The key is not to lose sight of the rest of our garden and continue nourishing it the best we can.

Through all the seasons, we must remember that some days we are the sun and other days we are the rain. We are the gardeners of our lives.

We can only take care of those around us by first taking care of ourselves. We must harvest our garden.

We must learn to embrace our bitter lemons as much as we embrace our sweet oranges.

Every garden is beautiful- no matter how big or small. Every garden will flourish, and every garden will die out.

As our gardens go through the seasons, let's always be a helping hand in someone else’s garden.

Life is precious, and even more so when we help one another.

Bloom and help others do the same.


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