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Identity, Higher EDUCATion, and Breaking Down Generational Barriers

I believe that to know where you’re going; you need to know where you’re from.

Welcome to my blog. Inspiration is primarily drawn from my life. I wholeheartedly believe that I must first reflect on my own experiences to then truly understand yours. Because if we do not understand or have compassion for our own stories, how can we truly do that for others? I don't think we can.

-Sincerely, Mariela 

This E-portfolio also serves to display who I am as a person while documenting my academic, professional, and personal growth. 


Embodying Empowerment

My Story

Hi there! I am Mariela Gomez and I am 23 years old. I am a first-generation Mexicana born and raised in Salinas, California, located in Monterey County. My parents dedicated their entire lives working in agriculture to provide for my older brothers and me. Their ganas, resilience, and integrity are the foundational principles of my life!



My vision is to broaden the lens through which Latinx, Black, and queer stories have been historically told while also amplifying the stories of all marginalized communities. I hope to use storytelling as a tool that empowers, spreads wisdom and love. 

My Story


My passion for storytelling stems from the beat of my heart. I am fueled by the “everyday story” of us. Personal narratives shape our world because they allow for connection and learning. Sharing our stories is the most powerful testimony of courage. 





"Though our experiences are unique, our stories are universal and transcendent"

Mariela Gomez

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